A downloadable mod

   is a free lighting modification for Farming Simulator 22 that drastically alters the range of lighting conditions for a more immersive experience at no additional performance cost.

With the update to V1300, Relight now works by being placed in your FS22 Mods folder then enabling the mod via the ingame menu before loading up any level you wish. A big thanks to TwistedGA who scripted relight into a standalone mod which will automatically overwrite any existing environment xml that vanilla or map mods use so you don't have to get your hands dirty. Map authors are still welcome to copy relights environment.xml settings to be included in their official map releases (no credit necessary but I do highly appreciate it) to hopefully allow console users to experience the same thing we have on pc. The goal was to improve the games lighting for all to enjoy! I would like to give a big thank you to The FarmSim Guy for helping test and doing a video preview of the mod on his youtube channel. Relight has a variety of visual enhancements including:

SHADOW CASTING SUNSET/RISES with bright reds and oranges

WIDE RANGE OF BRIGHTNESS from intense warmly lit surfaces to completely unlit overcast terrain

CUSTOM CUBEMAPS that help ground objects into the world [vanilla cubemaps on the left | relight cubemaps on the right] (V1.1 Includes better, smoother transitions)

MOON LIGHT SHADOWS ARE BACK with V1.1 without messing with relights better sunrises and sunsets. (Nights are still intentionally dark)

RELIGHT helps add that extra bit of warmth and believability into each scene.

Thanks for checking out the mod. I hope you enjoy!

If you're a map author and experience any issues adding relight to your map you can hit me up on discord and I will help as best as I can!

Like the mod and want to help support future projects? 
Click the image below to send  a thank you to the respective team member. We greatly appreciate it.


TwistedGA: StandaloneScript/Consultant

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TagsFarming Simulator 22, lighting, mod, relight


FS22_Relight V1300 Standalone 9 MB
FS22_Relight V1300 Standalone Proshot Fix Test 9 MB
FS22_Relight V1300 MapFiles 9 MB
FS22_RelightV1200 Standalone 9 MB
FS22_RelightV1200 Standalone Proshot Fix Test 9 MB
FS22_RelightV1200 MapFiles 9 MB
FS22_RelightV1100 Standalone 8 MB
FS22_RelightV1100 MapFiles 8 MB

Install instructions

I recommend avoid using relightstandalone overtop previous releases. Best to use up to date official vanilla files, or unedited mod maps for the sake of multiplayer compatibility. Simply put RelightV1200Standalone.zip inside your Farm Simulator 22 mod folder and enable it via the mod menu before loading or starting a save game.
Map files for map makers are also available.

Development log


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Every time i  put the mod in the game, the shadows dissapear. Any help?


do i need to add the standalone zip AND the proshot version zip to mod folder or just the proshot one if i have proshot also installed??

every time i try to download it, it gets to like 0.8 mb and then it says it failed. any help?

Could you review it? I think it's not going very smooth after patch 1.9.1

How does one increase the Brightness at Night?

Everything is SUPER OVER DARK and the moon helps very little!


ok so dont use it if you dont like it. 


Great mod! The game changes radically! My congratulations :)

It would be great if the chrome parts didn't look black at night.


how do i open up the window so i can change blooming and stuff

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I love the mod but it lags my game

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I love your mod, but you should consider trying to adjust the interior brightness. What i mean is, using the ouside vehicle camera, all look nice, but using the mod and being with the inside camera, is very bright. I tested this with and without the mod, and sure has an impact (easily tested with that more options mod).

I'm playing on dedicated server and this comes in console, and static lights are black when night time is active.
Works normal in single player game.

Bei Version 1200 haben wir keine Probleme.
Super Mod, was kann es sein das bei Version 1300?
Danke und schönen Sonntag

Wir haben das Problem das der Shop zu Hell ist

Ein sehr geiler MOD danke dafür :)

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for this great mod. But still I have a question. I entered her ReLight into the map and adjusted the brightness and saturation. Can I easily share the xml's with other people or even the whole mod?



when playing an Australian map, where the seasons are opposite (December, January, February are summer) the map handles this fine but when using Relight, it reverts back to the northern hemisphere seasons. Is there a way to resolve this?

I haven't been keeping up and just search the mod up to implement it into a new map I'm planning to play. thanks a lot and congratulations for finally getting it to work standalone.

Hello, is it possible to not make the night so dark in the winter months?
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Just downloaded this mod, and I'm impressed so far.
Just a small comment:
I'm on a calibrated, capable SDR display, and my initial thought was that it's a bit oversaturated. Especially my very first look at the mod, an overcast September morning. The oversaturation was milder as the day progressed, and especially as the sun came out. The oversaturation seems to be replaced by a haze, or overly bright weather. Again, this is based on a September day going from overcast to full sunny at around lunchtime. 
I'll try to lower the saturation value in the XML, but is there a way to lower the midday haze or brightness a bit?

Edit: The haze is more pronounced from inside a vehicle, outside the oversaturation prevail as the day progress.

Edit2: Lowering the daytime saturation to 1.0 makes it look quite a bit better on my display.

Loving it! Only thing I noticed is that anything chrome doesn’t look like chrome anymore. Instead it now appears like a grey matte color

(1 edit)

Could you take a picture of what your describing? The custom cubemaps have a blurred look to them, not a perfect mirror. I did this because it was easier to make and edit them rapidly, second to try to make chrome blend into the environment with brighter ground color and sky. The vanilla was very dark in comparison. There's a few adjustments I'd still like to make but I'm saving that for a later update

For example this truck which has a chrome tank, with relight it looks matte (upper part). Tried it with two different trucks on different maps but get the same result. 

I think on modded vehicles that use Chrome relight might look a little brighter, besides that the matte look is intentional as I'm using it less as a reflection and more as a ambient light. Still looks good on vanilla vehicles since I tested it heavily on the chrome mac truck. I'll be tweaking it in the future but the matte look is staying

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The lighting looks really good but some colors like red green and orange look way too bright and out of color now. Is there a possible solution to this? Thanks

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It's probably due to a few factors such as color correction, hdr, skybrightness. You could try setting the saturation to 1 instead of 1.1 in the colour correction xmls and see if that looks better. Otherwise there's a bunch of parameters that work together and changing one thing sometimes negatively effects something else, it's a balancing act. I'm still working on it but I'm trying to see if I can't open up the sky and cloud settings which will give me alot more freedom with how bright stuff is and when.

Been playing with v1.3 standalone with proshot fix 

Its perfect honestly, I don't think it can get any better than that; even the moon lighting/shadows is better than base game you can actually SEE it :) 

I had the opportunity to see shadows fade away during the day with full overcast (level 4 clouds) practically no shadows at all as expected.

in a couple of days I'll be playing a map that is based in the arctic and has different day/night times and curious how relight will enhance the effects! 

:D great mod, and thank you. 

While it was brief, I had a chance to see night time with how dark the sky was but how much it lit up the white snow and it really felt close to what I remember irl in person. Had a guy talk about adjusting the latitude at the top inside the xml to adjust to different climates. It affects crop season and how long the days are vs nights. Also while I'm not sure if it also affects anything, in the seasonal settings there's min and max temperatures. Tried messing with this and there's no visual effect so I guess it's growth related. If the arctic map already has seasonal settings, best to copy them into the environment xml but keep the relight lighting parameters. 

Thanks, your welcome :)

Hi ;)

I am in great admiration for your mod. It's a really great job. As for the weather and the impact of latitude on the environment. Changing the geographic latitude will affect the angles of the sun's rays and thus the length of the shadows. Unfortunately, this change itself has no effect on the max and min temperatures and the weather itself.

I am currently working on the weather for FS22 for Poland based on the data of the metrology institute. If you have any questions about defining the weather in the enviroment file, write to discrod I invited you to my friends :)

Hello, the mod is very nice and I appreciate your work and effort put into it.

But there is a problem with the sunrise and sunset times in the winter months, where sunrise is at 9am in December and sunset is at 3:40pm. And when the moon sets, everything is dark until the sun rises, as if there were no transition between the two.

I was watching version 1 and it didn't happen.

I hope you don't take my comments badly, and excuse my English, since I'm using a translator.

Thank you!


no no, it's all good. I've been getting a lot of feedback for something I overlooked. There's a auto streetlight toggle that is seperate from the environment seemingly which is annoying because I and a few others can't find a way to change it so I might just have to roll back the day times and keep all the other improvements. Glad your enjoying the mod, I hope to have a fix out soon!

Curious as to what the time parameters are. Using the new version it was pitch black at 3:45 in November. It also didn't start getting light out until after 9 in December.


I noticed that's going to be a bit map specific, some modders modify those like on Korpi the time for day/night is significantly different since it is in arctic circle region.

Playing on Spruce Mountain. Not sure it's a map issue as no US map should be getting dark before 4 pm.


I hope to have a fix out soon! Check my response above

I hope to have a fix out soon! Check my response above 

I might just have to roll back the times to the previous version. I've had a few that voiced their concerns that the times are off but most notability the streetlights dont toggle at the right time which is proving to be something very hard to change. I hope to have a fix out soon!


Thanks for your great mod, really loving it so far.

Only thing I noticed is, that the automatic light is turned on too late. Not sure if it`s in every month, but I`m in the summer right now, and it`s getting dark maybe a bit too early around 5-6 pm already. But even when it`s getting fully dark, the automatic light is still not on. As the helpers turn on the light same time as the automatic lights, you can`t see anymore what they are doing on the field. It`s same for standard helper, CP and AutoDrive.

Is there a way, to turn on the lights earler, already when the dawn begins?

(2 edits)

Did you notice this behaviour with V1100 as well? Or just the latest V1200? I'll look around to see if there's something that triggers the night time lights. And just to be clear, you meant the street lights and ai vehicle lights?

No, it happens only with the V1200. No difference if I use the standalone or the mapfiles.

And yes, I mean the street lights and the ai vehicle lights.

For me it seems that the lights turn on at the original vanilla time, but as it`s getting dark earlier with your changes, the game doesn`t recognize that.

Maybe you can change the time when it`s getting dark a little bit. Getting dark around 6 pm in july / august is very early when you are located in western europe.

Thank you very much. I respect the work put into this mod.

Like a small thing, and how much it changes.

(1 edit)

You're welcome, glad many enjoy it :)

Is there a way to use v1.1 manually and even overwrite v1.0? I have proshot and don't want to disable it as it does a GRAND job at taking screenshots especially with relight enabled. 

I'm still currently using v1.0 but want to see the new updates you've made but unless the standalone can be made to work around proshot and update previous versions in the future possibly???

(1 edit)

Afk currently but I'll upload a old method with the updated 1.1 so you can plug it in manually into the map.

I like proshot too but I'm not sure if it's something I can fix on my end

I think the old method would keep proshot happy right? Plus upgrading existing would be the only way this way as well since standalone can't upgrade existing (yet) 

Thank you for your time, looking forward to seeing v1.1 manual upload later on :)

Relight V1100 Mapfiles is now uploaded. Included a hopefully easy to understand guide to add to maps.

Got it :) easy enough to understand I think; but want to make sure what I saw/think is correct hope you don't mind me asking. 

copy all the files to the map itself, looks like the map environment.xml is to be replaced with your version; there doesn't seem to be a need to edit the map.xml??? 

Will this work with base game maps?  

Sorry for getting back to you late. It's packaged in a way where it's basically drag and drop, easy for mappers to just throw into their maps. Players too if you have issues with standalone mod. The little picture tutorial shows all the steps. No need to edit xml anymore. Hope that helps!

This is a great mod and I am really loving it! 

Having a problem with RelightStandalone v1.1.  The new RelightStandalone v1.1  works fine in a Griffin Indiana save but using it on a Greenlands save causes the game to stall permanently after a short while but it does not crash.  However, inserting the original Relight v1.0 release into the Greenlands map causes no issue at all and the game runs smoothly.  And no I am not double running RelightStandalone and Relight within the Greenlands map. 

Any ideas what may be happening?

I'll look into it and see if I can't figure out what's going on

Check out the newest version V1200 it includes a bunch of improvements and I also ran a stress test on Greenlands Jan to Dec with no issues. Hopefully this helps.

Relightv1200Standalone definitely seems to have resolved the issue.  No stalling now on a Greenlands save file with this new Standalone version.   Many thanks!

Is it just me or the standalone version is not compatible with Pro Shot ?


Someone on the patch note page posted a quick fix, it's not perfect but works. You'll basically have to plug it in manually like before. relightstandalone.xml it's just a renamed environment.xml if that helps. Other wise proshot would have to be edited to understand how to read from relights files.


12 hours ago

I found a other way to fix the Problem. I take the colorgrading and enviroment from the Standalone and put them into the Map and all work fine without any error."

Thankyou! I installed the standalone one just to see if I like it or not. Now I will just plug them in into the map. Because I love it !

Loving this mod so far. I'm showcasing it on a couple of different maps on my YT channel. Here's a couple of screenshots from Butschern that I think shows off your hard work :-)

Happy to give something to the community. V1.1 standalone is due to drop soon just seeing if I can sneak in something before I upload it but basically it tweaks the cubemaps to be smoother and adds back moon lighting shadows among other tweaks. 

Sounds good! appreciate all the hard work :-)

I need some help! I recently installed everything after reading the instructions and when I start the game it loads up for like 5 seconds and then crashes. I don't know what could be causing this

Update: I fixed it!

Hello there, I am trying to run this on Calmsden. I have changed the maps.xml file and I have also dropped the Relight folder into the root directory of the map zip file. Now, although the game looks good, I am not sure if it is running relight, as Additional Settings mod has a setting for custom lighting, and it is always on and set of a sample folder. When I change the additional setting, the lighting changes. Do you think these two mods conflict and stop Relight from working? Thanks!

i use it with additional settings mod too, and have it set to sample folder. for me it works. but i am on a different map tough. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't recommend using it with additional settings mod. It was cool that I could swap out the environment.xml on the fly but I soon learned it break something when trying to load because I use a different cubemap lookup, when these are different between xmls or even a simple spelling mistake would make it crash. Additionally the lighting would not update and switch between Relight and other environment xmls. Calmsden is my favorite map and I've had no issues so far putting it on there

Does relight work in a coop/multiplayer save game? my friend and I have both download relight into to the map we are using, but the join and download mods buttons are greyed out when I try to join him.


If you both play a mod map that has relight packaged into it you should be able to play together. Right now I don't think it will let you play vanilla maps, I could be wrong tho. I'm trying to get a standalone version released today so hopefully your issue will be resolved even if you have no luck yourself

I asume, the standalone version will also be uploaded onto this page?


Yes. I would like to get it out soon but there's still a few things changes that need to be ironed out

No problem, take youre time.

and thanks for youre hard work. Making farmsim waaaay more alive

2022-09-20 01:41 C:/Users/Diamo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/xECHELON_ESSENTIALS/placeables/misc/toolShelter/toolShelter.i3d (11.29 ms)

2022-09-20 01:41 C:/Users/Diamo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/xECHELON_ESSENTIALS/placeables/misc/frames/ibcTankFrame.i3d (1.78 ms)

2022-09-20 01:41 Warning (script): 'setColorGradingSettings': Argument 1 has wrong type. Expected: String. Actual: Nil 

2022-09-20 01:41   2022-09-20 01:41 D:\auto_builder\cache\svn\1439bdbdb2e647a66733235d7978a817\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (903)2022-09-20 01:41 : 2022-09-20 01:41 expectedType == Value::VoidType || expectedType == Value::ClassType

2022-09-20 01:41 LUA call stack:

  dataS/scripts/environment/Lighting.lua (172) : setColorGradingSettings

  dataS/scripts/environment/Environment.lua (400) : update

  dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua (1257) : update

  dataS/scripts/FSBaseMission.lua (1972) : update

  dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (577) : update

  dataS/scripts/main.lua (1225) : update

2022-09-20 01:41 Warning (script): 'setColorGradingSettings': Argument 1 has wrong type. Expected: String. Actual: Nil 

2022-09-20 01:41   2022-09-20 01:41 D:\auto_builder\cache\svn\1439bdbdb2e647a66733235d7978a817\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (903)2022-09-20 01:41 : 2022-09-20 01:41 expectedType == Value::VoidType || expectedType == Value::ClassType

2022-09-20 01:41 LUA call stack:

  dataS/scripts/environment/Lighting.lua (172) : setColorGradingSettings

  dataS/scripts/environment/Environment.lua (400) : update

  dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua (1257) : update

  dataS/scripts/FSBaseMission.lua (1972) : update

  dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua (577) : update

  dataS/scripts/main.lua (1225) : update


Nevermind i see you added a testbrance version and will try that

This uses the Enviroment.xml file which also controls weather! It SHOULD NOT! Weather is controlled by the maps Environment file!

Relight is an environment.xml modification. Relight.xml is just a renamed environment.xml with all my edits saved inside.

So does this mean if a map has its own weather settings, possibly very much different from the default ones, Relight overwrites not just the lighting but also these weather settings?



It's just the way the enviroment.xml works. Sure we could maybe separate it but then we'd have to convince map makers to also split weather separately. Everything just kinda works together in the single file. However you can copy paste your weather settings into relight and it will then use the settings you previously had. Or copy relight into your environment xml ect ect

So is it possible for standalone version to change only the light (and not weather) part of environment.xml, or is it technically impossible not to change the whole file?

I think it's possible, you can simply just not include the clouds/weather/season part of the xml and just have it in it's own seperate xml but I'm unsure how to make the map.xml load the now two seperate environment files. The caveat to all of this is that the clouds/weather are responsible for assigning the appropriate cubemaps to the environment. Without it, or the wrong cubemaps will make objects look very out of place.

I installed it rezipped on Graystone NC and reloaded my game when I go to the mod hub it shows Graystone but when I got to make a save game nothing Graystone doesn't show up.

(1 edit) (+1)

Try not unpacking it and see if that helps, by that I mean dump the relight folder inside the zip without unpacking. Go edit the xml, save, and this is important, winrar will prompt you to overwrite the contents inside the zip, click save changes. Then fire it up and tell me what happens. 

In anycase a standalone version will be releasing soon that can be toggled on in the mod menu and it will override the base game and modded maps environment file from being loaded and load the updated relight one it has.

I dont have winrar but ill try it

It wont let me edit environment without unziping

AND it works this is the best mod for fs22

Good, happy it worked out. Thankyou for the kind words :)

First, great mod!

I´ve tested the night in summer (august). 

I don´t know the region you come from, but in Germany it is longer bright in the summer nights. (gets really dark around 11 pm, however in winter it´s way earlier.)

Does the engine supports this implementation? (longer and brighter nights in summer and vice versa in winter)

(1 edit)

I'm from canada, hello! A standalone version is almost ready to release, I'm adding a update to the night lighting, initially I had to sacrifice the moon light shadow to allow for the smooth sun rotation transition but I figured out a way to add it back in but hiding it much better than the vanilla game did. For example, vanilla game had a sun rotation of -80 degrees to 80 degrees and when the sun set at 80 degrees in the sky it would switch to -80 degrees and become the moon. It was very jerky. What I did was give both moon and sun 360 degrees of rotation, but I couldn't figure out how to swap the moon without ruining the sunrise sunset. I figured it out by replacing it about 2 hours after sunset when the moon is high in the sky. the shadow comes in gradually. The night sky is darker and looks more realistic. Moonlight will slightly give shape to objects that you can barely see in the dark, and everything that's in shadow is pitch black. I'm really happy with the new behavior and I'm excited to roll it out soon.

in terms of day length vs night my settings make things set a little later and rise a little earlier than default. However seasons drastically will change this parameter allowing for longer nights vs days. My own weather and seasonal changes will be coming in the future

Sounds great! Thank you very much for your efforts. Looking forward to more!

Learned about your mod, tried it on Frankenmuth; and it gets stuck loading at 20% something about license plates so I put the original map without relight back in and it works fine.  

I don't have a clean load so I'm sure some mod is breaking it (a mod with errors perhaps), but any chance do you know if there are any issues with this map or any other maps? Any chance you could create a list of maps that it doesn't work well or at all with? 

I will have to load the map clean with no mods and see if relight works and report back. 

I can test later today. Also the standalone version is coming sooner than expected, working back and forth with an amazing fella who's scripting it into a toggleable main menu mod, no more overwriting. The current relight will still be important for map modders who want to keep this lighting for console maps tho

:) no rush, I have a few maps I want to try it on with my growing list of mods. 

Bottom one is with your mod, top one is with my lighting


I now have a vanilla compatible version, verify your files with steam and then download the vanilla compatible version and follow the readme guide. It's much easier than the modded version because file paths are predictable. 

Will check it, im used to change the lighting, but not to create/edit my own

Hey man I learned by trail and error, keep at it and you will get there :)

О yeah, sure. One more thing. You are using custom envMaps (cube maps). Do you know how to edit them and save them in the right format so they work in-game?

hit me up on discord and I will teach you my ways

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